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Grant Program

The grant program is the foundation of our mission. Lamar CISD educators and administrators write grant proposals to request funding for tools and resources that transform the learning environment for their students.


Grants are funded by community donations, foundation campaigns and fundraiser events hosted throughout the year. 

The Grant membership help us to:

The Lamar Educational Award Foundation supports programs and policies that help children grow up to become successful adults. We invest in programs that strengthen families, increase economic opportunity, transform struggling communities, and enhance social sector leaders who work with young people.

Our grant-making is,
therefore, very selective.

Our work focuses on ensuring that kids have strong, supportive families; increasing economic opportunity; transforming struggling communities, and strengthening social sector leaders dedicated to improving the lives of young people. To those ends, we invest in innovative ideas, practices, and policies that have the potential to help millions thrive. 

To help kids, we must invest in the parents who raise them and the neighborhoods where they live.

Our grant-making is,
therefore, very selective.

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Do you want to make a difference
in the lives of young people?


Enriching the Lives of Students and Staff Today to Transform Education Tomorrow

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